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We  by Tara Betts
god poem number 26  by Eirean Bradley
Like Kodachrome but only better  by Eirean Bradley
the internet is for suckers  by Clare Christina
snowman  by Stephanie Costello
current.  by John Davis
Enfilade  by John Davis
Earlier, Before  by Greg Gillam
The Great Wall  by Nicole Gifford
Drifting   by Nicole Gifford
Oil-spill   by Nicole Gifford
Ruined By Neon  by Daphne Gottlieb
March 23, 2003  by Daphne Gottlieb
color/space/time  by Kurt Heintz
Amicable  By Thea Hillman
Indecisive Michigan Avenue Morning  by Kim Holzer
Equestrienne  by Lola Huston
Tetanus  by Lola Huston
A Well Hung Jury  by Alexis O'Hara
snowman  by Alexis O'Hara
Sensitive Little Poetry Boy  by Shappy Seaholtz
Jericho   by Claudia Sherman
Squin(t): A Love Poem   by Morris Stegosaurus
Bull from the Sea  by Anneke Swinehart
Grief  by Anneke Sweinhart
Heat Wave  by Anneke Sweinhart
Straining at the Bit  by Anneke Swinehart

The Mesa Poetry Team by Bill Campana
I Don't Let Girls In Here by Clare Christina
Chicago Diary by R. Eirik "Big Poppa E" Ott
Uptown, Mon Amour by Phil West

ANACHRONISTIC  by Krystal Ashe
A Piece of Her (A True Story)    by Nicole Bussard
My Afterglow  by Matt Fagan
I love you  by Dan Gleason
Odes to Closing Time: #14 - The Hopleaf, Chicago, 2 a.m.  by Greg Gillam
The Excruciatingly Long and Very Ludicrous Death of Michael Savage  by Greg Gillam
We Report, You Decide (mock Fox day)   by Greg Gillam
Snarkwatch   by Greg Gillam
Crappy Apartments (excerpts from the novel El Cumpleanos De Paco)   by Mickey Hess
I Hate My Job - Part 1: Let Me Introduce Myself  by Miss Lady J.
I Hate My Job - Part 2: The Pep Assembly  by Miss Lady J.
I Hate My Job Part 3: The Club Drugs Seminar   by Miss Lady J.
I Hate My Job Part 4: The Pregnancy Scare   by Miss Lady J.
Appreciating Appreciation   by Neal Pollack and Greg Gillam
Late 20th-Century Urban Gangster Battle-Rap Ritual Explication Theory (With Corporate American References For No Reason)   by Claudia Sherman
Exit Ramp  by Anneke Sweinhart
CHENEY TO CALL ON NYARLATHOTEP TO HELP IN IRAQ - In honor of Make Fun of Dick Cheney Day

Fengi Note #1: The What and The Why  by Greg Gillam
Notes from the Wind #1:  Vote Down in Uptown  by Greg Gillam
Notes From The Wind #2:  Real Elections  by Greg Gillam
Notes from the Wind #3:  The Bartender's Ball  by Greg Gillam
Notes from the Wind #4:  Never Let Me Down Again (the real world essay);  by Greg Gillam
Notes from the Wind #5:  The Contents of Winter  by Greg Gillam
Notes from the Wind #6:  This is What Big Problems Look Like  by Greg Gillam
Letters to Fengi #1:  The Real World Letters
Letters to Fengi #2:  Note From Random
The Sublime Integrity of Chicago Police  (a found poem)  by Joseph Miedzianowski, Ex-Sargent, Chicago Police Department
Memo to All Citizens, May 6, 2004

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